New Releases from Score

Score 119 Positive Pop – This new release from award winning collective HOME: Unashamedly cheerful, upbeat disco floor-fillers. Modern yet timeless, these pop classics will brighten up any occasion. Vocal and non-vocal versions..

Score 118 Guitar Star Ballads – From award winning guitarists brought together by Jam Track Central, this album features classic Jazz and Rock infused ballads featuring virtuosic guitar solos, great musicianship and sophisticated production. Underscore versions are included for all tracks.

Score 116-17 A Simple Beauty 3-4 – From celebrated composer Dave Hewson and Paul Lennon this a another collection of beautiful pieces, for piano and chamber strings, that are gentle, emotive, reflective, calm and peaceful. Alternative versions and mixes are available as described. Companion album to ‘A Simple Beauty 1, 2 & 4’ – Score 088, 089

Score 115 Kool Kids – Composer Charlie Savigar presents this heart warming collection of simple, catchy and childlike melodies depicting happiness – from babies, toddlers and little ones. Simple percussion, guitar, banjo, ukulele and woodwind capture the essence of childhood.

Score 114 Atomic Worlds -Composers Adam Saunders & Mark Cousins present an interesting and wide-ranging collection of electronics, sound design and orchestral textures combine to produce contemporary atmospheres. From hypnotic and mysterious to driven and determined, and from focussed and positive to haunting and ethereal.

Score 113 The Devil’s Playground – The Devilish Guitar of Dan Morrissey goes all balls-out heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll – with some demons thrown in for good measure. You’ll hear references from the late 70s through to the present day, you’ll hear good times on the road, you’ll hear the devil whisper in your ear.