New Releases from Score

Score 128 Born Winners – Classical crossover tracks to excite and motivate. Crossing the finishing line, overcoming the odds, and breaking barriers, this album is the sound of champions.beautifully realised by award winning composer Elizabeth Levine.

Score 127 Love Hope Rebuild – From composer Steve Baker a heart-warming collection of instrumental tracks evoking feelings of responsibility, regret, affection, concern and optimism. With a timeless yet modern line-up including piano, bass, drums, warm strings and tasteful synths.

Score 126 News and Current Affairs – Composer Clive Lukover presents a convenient resource for all styles of news reporting and factual programming. From urgent and substantial to light and reassuring, each track includes a bed version and stems are available on request.

Score 125 Cinematic Synthesis – This new release from award winning collective HOME: Featuring composer Paul Whitehead – Digital space battles, epic synth adventures, and future dystopian worlds, these tracks cover styles including 80s retro, EDM-infused hybrid film scoring and futuristic sci-fi soundscapes. All tracks come with super-usable percussive beds.

Score 124 Tests and Trials – Themes which generate a sense of risk. Mostly at the lighter end of the dramatic spectrum: family dramas, kitchen competitions, courtroom battles or swashbuckling duals, this album has entertaining conflicts covered. Another new release from award winning collective HOME

Score 123 Floating Worlds – Wide textures, shimmering melodies and infinite soundscapes from the atmospheric guitar of Dan Morrissey. This is a collection of instrumental pieces to evoke spaciousness and fantasy landscapes with a lightness of touch. Lead instruments: piano and electric guitar.