New Releases from Score

Score 135 Dramedy – From composers Matthew Moore and Clive Lukover a wonderful collection of subtly comedic tracks, with added tension. Curious goings on behind suburban curtains, awkward moments one to one, and wry physicality. Ten tunes to represent dramatic comedy.

Score 134 Pizzicolour – Composers Dave Hewson / Bryan Lester /Jamie Fekete present a positive and plucky collection of 15 tracks driven by, or featuring, pizzicato strings with harp, piano and light percussion. Various styles and influences are covered and ‘Pizz Only’ versions are provided for each track.

Score 133 Soulful Songs – Clive Lukover’s new album features – uplifting club tracks with 80s and 90s influences Proudly featuring live brass, a deep and funky rhythm section and lashings of soul from vocalist Francesca Priest. Each track has a main, instrumental and light version.

Score 132 Sunshine & Rainbows -This new release from award winning collective HOME: Is an upbeat collection of songs featuring themes of summer, sun, love and good times. With a variety of popular modern music styles including electro, nu-folk, singer-songwriter, rock, hip hop and contemporary RnB.

Score 131 Guitar Star Ballads 3 – From award winning guitarists brought together by Jam Track Central, this album features Jazz and Rock infused ballads featuring virtuosic guitar solos, great musicianship and sophisticated production. Underscore versions are included for all tracks. Companion album to ‘Guitar Star Ballads 1 & 2’ – Score 118 & 122.

Score 130 Essential Nu Disco – This new release from award winning collective HOME with top producer Gary Noakes: A modern spin on the 1970s dance craze. Electro, French House and modern pop sensibilities mixed with classic disco sounds give this album a colourful and upbeat party vibe. With vocal and non-vocal versions.

Score 129 Club Beats & Electronica – This new release from award winning collective HOME with top producers Dave Ralston and Alex Henderson: Using modern and classic club styles, all with a pop sensibility. These tracks sound authentic, uplifting and utterly danceable.