New Releases from Score

Score 115 Kool Kids – Composer Charlie Savigar presents this heart warming collection of simple, catchy and childlike melodies depicting happiness – from babies, toddlers and little ones. Simple percussion, guitar, banjo, ukulele and woodwind capture the essence of childhood.

Score 114 Atomic Worlds – Composers Adam Saunders & Mark Cousins present an interesting and wide-ranging collection of electronics, sound design and orchestral textures combine to produce contemporary atmospheres. From hypnotic and mysterious to driven and determined, and from focussed and positive to haunting and ethereal.

Score 113 The Devil’s Playground – The Devilish Guitar of Dan Morrissey goes all balls-out heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll – with some demons thrown in for good measure. You’ll hear references from the late 70s through to the present day, you’ll hear good times on the road, you’ll hear the devil whisper in your ear..

Score 112 Cinematic Villians – From Composer Clive Lukover this an epic and powerful collection of hybrid orchestral action. From critical confrontations to mortal boss battles; exhilarating themes, deep impacts and tense textures provide a suitable atmosphere for a colossal struggle.

Score 111 Indie Spirit – Classic indie styles from guitar-heavy stadium mosh pit bangers to electro-infused crossovers, from epic shoegazers to grungy cool. Always big, always uplifting, always authentic from timeless composers Toby & Tim Bricheno.

Score 110 Vocalphonics – Composers Dave Hewson and Carmen Daye present an interesting and wide-ranging collection of pieces from neo-classical to avant-garde and traditional to experimental. Vocal and instrumental textures create an unpredictable and atmospheric collection, bringing depth and character to visual images.