A ‘Big Thank You’ to all of the team at the Hallmark Channel for featuring our track ‘A Night Like This’ by composer collective HOME from Score 132 / Sunshine & Rainbows in the channel’s recent movie release ‘Autumn in the City’.

Starring Aimeé Teegarden and Evan Roderick ‘Autumn in the City’ tells the story of optimistic Piper who gives herself two months to find her passion in New York City as a budding writer. As she bounces between temp jobs, she and her jaded neighbour Austin a fellow aspiring writer discover the beauty of the city together.. The magic of the autumn season brings them close together. They team up on a children’s book project during which they come to a great realisation.

Score 132 / Sunshine & Rainbows


Summer, Festival, Vocal, Upbeat, Good Times. An upbeat collection of songs featuring themes of summer, sun, love and good times. With a variety of popular modern music styles including electro, nu-folk, singer-songwriter, rock, hip hop and contemporary RnB.

‘A Night Like This’ by Carmi Esta, Howard Pearse, Brad Parsons & Ian Dowling feature on this Home album and are part of a group of experienced Composers/Producers in the field of music for media who cover a broad spectrum of genres from Indie to Dance, Folk to Pop, and Classical to Hip Hop.

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