New Releases from Score

Score 159 Piano Chronicles – From Score composer Matthew Moore a ‘Classy’ variety of styles for solo piano, from Baroque to boogie-woogie, and romance to ragtime. This tasteful ten-fingered collection occasionally includes alternative versions played on harpsichord.

Score 158 Epic Trailer Anthems – This new vocal album from Composer / Producers 7GATE with lyrics designed to tease an audience and a three act structure perfect for trailers, these powerful songs will add weight and emotion to the right campaign.

Score 157 Stately Homes – This new release from award winning producer/composers Matthew Moore and Ian Livingstone features luxury and elegance scored in a traditional style with strings and woodwinds, featuring piano, harpsichord, church organ, regal brass, and refined harp. Memorable tunes to impress Anglophiles everywhere.

Score 156 Epic Forces – From Italian guitar maestro Claudio Pietronik an exciting and commanding, this memorable collection of fantasy and action adventure themes uses a large orchestral palette, choirs, huge percussion and modern synth programming.

Score 155 The Power Of Japan – From Composer Clive Lukover a new release featuring Anthems to inspire a nation. Using traditional sounds and the spirit of Japan, ten tracks with a powerful physicality and a kinetic sense of honour. Featuring shamisen, koto and a range of taiko drums.

Score 154 The Life Scientific 2 – This new release from award winning producer/composer Oliver Vessey a collection of Atmospheric electronics and percussion, active with constant movement, and illustrating the science of humanity, nature and technology. Companion album to ‘The Life Scientific’ – Score 036.

Score 153 Piano Emotions – Score Composer Clive Lukover presents a series of mellow and reflective pieces for piano, delicately supported by light orchestrations and distinctive programming. Occasionally dramatic, at times sentimental, always delicately beautiful.