New Releases from Score

Score 231 Heartland Traveller – A collection of instrumental pieces from virtuoso guitarist Jamie Fekete which incorporate aspects of Americana including Delta Blues and Bluegrass, using light plucked instrumentation throughout.

Score 230 Indie Dreamscapes – From new Score composer / producer Damien Selby an album rich in soaring instrumentals with powerful choruses and expansive, atmospheric soundscapes. Featuring electric guitars, synths and drums, INDIE DREAMSCAPES is perfect for extreme sports, outdoors lifestyle and beautiful, uplifting applications.

Score 229 Immersive Storytelling – From award winning composers Emilio Merone and Mauro Colavecchi a collection of atmospheric beds designed to cover a range of emotions using one coherent sound world and providing a toolkit for productions where music is an intimate part of the storytelling process.

Score 228 Big Band Hip – From new Score composer / producer John G Smith and Dick Walter a variety of styles in the big band genre, from classic ’50s bebop, ’60s funky jazz, ’70s fusion, as well as more modern styles. All produced using up to date techniques, and provided with comprehensive stems.

Score 227 Information Exchange – A new collection from Score composer Matthew Moore of instrumental themes inspired by new technologies, climate change and the ever-changing corporate landscape. Built from organic and electronic elements.

Score 226 Walking With Sunshine – From new Score composer Matt Parker a collection of easy-going, uplifting indie-folk tracks. Featuring acoustic guitars, drums, percussion, brass and a wealth of friendly textures, ‘Walking With Sunshine’ touches upon feelings of joy, beauty, passion and inspiration.

Score 225 A Corporate World – A collection of upbeat underscores intended for corporate application and advertising.

Score 224 Bandstand in the Park – From award winning composer Steve Sidwell and musician Nigel Barr a collection of classic, traditional and original pieces for brass, woodwind and percussion. Featuring well-known marches, funereal hymns and rousing military melodies. Includes dry mix versions, (for source music).

Score 223 Synthwave Shoegaze – From new Score composer / producer and multi instrumentalist Huw Williams a fabulous sync fest of ambient contemporary synths, with a splash of ’80s electronica and a dash of rock, complete this collection of modern, cinematic soundscapes with an Indie edge.

Score 222 Colourful String Quartets 3 – Expanding the horizons of the previous albums in this award-winning series, COLOURFUL STRING QUARTETS 3 broadens the brief stylistically, to include other sonic and instrumental textures.