New Releases from Score

Score 174 Undercurrents – From composer Cameron McBride an intriguing album of dark, sparse underscores and dramatic beds designed for crime, documentary and investigative journalism. Understated and atmospheric.

Score 173 Industrial Underscores – From early industrial machinery to hi-tech electronic assembly lines, INDUSTRIAL UNDERSCORES provides an invaluable resource for underscoring images of automated and mechanical wonder, from Score Composer / Producer Dick Walter.

Score 172 Underscoring The Positive 3 – From Composer Matthew Moore this is an album that’s personal and intimate, including gentle pizzicato strings and glockenspiel, this is the third in Matthew Moore’s unobtrusive but highly effective and popular series of albums. A companion album to SCORE048 & SCORE092.

Score 171 Consequences – From Score composers Dave Hewson and Mike Tourle this new release features 12 instrumental pieces for establishing and underscoring stories on serious subjects. A useful mix of themes, sparse underscores and movement, to drive stories forward.

Score 170 Contemporary Christmas Classics: – This new festive Pop vocal album from Composer / Producer Jorden Milnes for 7GATE is a Modern, heartfelt and sincere take on traditional, well-known Christmas songs. Lyrical changes and a fresh approach brings the festive season bang up-to-date.

Score 169 True Stories – From new Score composer Greg Fitzgerald is an album of exquisitely produced instrumentals blending crisp electronica and warm acoustic lo-fi. Chilled beats with tuneful, pianistic melancholy, perfect for drama and documentary.

Score 168 Guitar Pop Anthems – Chart-friendly, heartfelt and accessible pop songs about freedom and love, all of which utilise the venerable acoustic/electric guitar. With vocal and non-vocal versions.from top industry Composer / Producer Jorden Milnes for 7Gate Media.

Score 167 News & Current Affairs 2 – From Composer Clive Lukover a great resource for hard-hitting news and factual programming. Main titles, bumpers, stings, underscores and stems provide a comprehensive toolkit. An amped-up companion to SCORE 126 ‘News & Current Affairs’.