New Releases from Score

Score 197 Sports Hype Bangers – Pregame pump-up tracks to inject energy and motivation. With build-up sections, big drops, monster brass licks and sizeable, swaggering, beats from new Score composer Markus Gleissner.

Score 196 Icebound – Production Music songwriting team Dark Shaw is composer Matt Vucic and vocalist Ffion Elisa. Their unique blend of intoxicating rhythm, breathtaking vocals and experimental sound design result in a distinctively dark, raw and sensual sound like no other. This new album features big themes for epic stories with a Norse-Gaelic twist. Powerful and primal female vocals, huge percussion, tons of atmosphere, ancient instruments, blood and thunder.

Score 195 Summer House – From Composer / Producer Jorden Milnes for 7GATE is a new album featuring Summery, sun-soaked and chilled-out dance. Tropical house and dreamy EDM infused with positive and uplifting vibes.

Score 194 Good Travelling 4 – From Score composers Dick Walter, Matthew Moore and George Sharp a collection of atmospheric tracks, evocative of different countries and continents, using a variety of both conventional Western and traditional ethnic instruments. Companion to SCORE070, SCORE094 and SCORE142.

Score 193 Neoclassical Sketches – From new Score composer Kohshi Kamata a collection of elegant and simple vignettes with light orchestration for strings, piano and woodwinds. Artistic, sophisticated, animated and beautiful.

Score 192 Jazz Funk Themes – From new Score composer Martin Williams a ‘shake your booty’ load of Killer brass licks over a super-funky rhythm section. With one foot in the ’70s and a modern ear on the production process, these tunes are enduring, hooky and funkalicious.

Score 191 Cinematic Atmospheres – Barry Hudson-Taylor’s follow-up to Panoramic Atmospheres (SCORE / 137), A lush deep strings, piano and smooth organic elements. A collection of powerfully emotional and panoramic pieces containing moments of redemption, loss, discovery and denouement.

Score 190 Bio-Machina – From new Score composer Tom Swann ‘aka’ Swann Hunter a collection of Chilled-out electro-organic underscores inspired by industrial and technological processes and benign cybernetic creatures.