New Releases from Score

Score 163 Future Bass Anthems – This new vocal album from Composer / Producers 7 GATE with high-impact beats, chopped up catchy vocals fused with huge drops, and laced with massive synths. An album perfect for getting positively pumped and hyped.

Score 162 Easy Listening: – Classic and groovy concepts in a modern package. From Score composer Dick Walter recorded live at Angel Studios with a collection of mellow, upbeat and jazzy tunes. To ensure ease of editing, main versions and underscores have the same file start.

Score 161Darkscapes – From new Score composer Mike Tourle a wonderful collection musical atmospheres from organic, synthetic and unusual sound sources create emotional unrest and a novel sense of anxiety and foreboding.

Score 160 Epic Swagger Anthems – Another epic new vocal album from Composer / Producers 7GATE with a bold and confident collection of songs blending laid-back dominance, hyped-up cool and effortless power. Perfect for dramatic entrances and audacious characters.

Score 159 Piano Chronicles – From Score composer Matthew Moore a ‘Classy’ variety of styles for solo piano, from Baroque to boogie-woogie, and romance to ragtime. This tasteful ten-fingered collection occasionally includes alternative versions played on harpsichord.

Score 158 Epic Trailer Anthems – This new vocal album from Composer / Producers 7 GATE with lyrics designed to tease an audience and a three act structure perfect for trailers, these powerful songs will add weight and emotion to the right campaign.

Score 157 Stately Homes – This new release from award winning producer/composers Matthew Moore and Ian Livingstone features luxury and elegance scored in a traditional style with strings and woodwinds, featuring piano, harpsichord, church organ, regal brass, and refined harp. Memorable tunes to impress Anglophiles everywhere.