New Releases from Score

Score 191 Cinematic Atmospheres – Barry Hudson-Taylor’s follow-up to Panoramic Atmospheres (SCORE / 137), A lush deep strings, piano and smooth organic elements. A collection of powerfully emotional and panoramic pieces containing moments of redemption, loss, discovery and denouement.

Score 190 Bio-Machina – From new Score composer Tom Swann ‘aka’ Swann Hunter a collection of Chilled-out electro-organic underscores inspired by industrial and technological processes and benign cybernetic creatures.

Score 189 Acoustic Elevation – This is an exciting, new collaboration of three leading freelance musicians, pooling their knowledge to write under the name ‘Acoustic Eclectica’ present a disarming, rhythmic and experimental jazz album lead by Ian Thomas’ intense drum track and augmented by upright bass and floating keys. Perfect for looming tension and unravelling minds.

Score 188 Pop Anthems – From Composer / Producer Jorden Milnes for 7GATE is a new album featuring top drawer commercial pop songs with catchy hooks. Cool, bright, stylish and emotive, covering many contemporary genres, with both male and female vocals.

Score 187 Dramedy 2 – Clive Lukover delivers another wonderful collection Shifty goings on, dastardly plans and clumsy comic characters. A second collection of subtly comedic tracks, with added tension. Fourteen tunes to represent dramatic comedy, with pizzicato versions often included.

Score 186 Electro Swing Cuts – From Score composers Matthew Moore and Clive Lukover a collection of fun, enthusiastic and lively Electro Swing tracks, including remix elements, vocals and instrumentals with a wealth of quirky charm.

Score 185 Neon Wave 2 – Paul Whiteheads follow-up to the hugely popular Neon Wave (SCORE / 097), again blending modern electronica with ’80s nostalgia and this time expanding the palette to include guitars, strings and a menacing electro punk edge.