New Releases from Score

Score 246 Melodic EDM – A collection of medium and down-tempo electronic dance underscores. Infectious beats, tuneful synths, at times reflective, at times euphoric, always tuneful.

Score 245 Open Road – A collection of live-band Americana, steeped in travel, wide open spaces and hope. Reflection, beauty and human storytelling from the heart.

Score 244 Are You Hyped – Eight hip hop trailer songs from the producer of the popular album SPORTS HYPE BANGERS and featuring rapper ‘Per’. From serious action, sports hype and big bravado, to comedy adventure and corporate motivation. Always energetic, always unruly.

Score 243 Piano Emotions 2 – Mellow and reflective pieces for solo piano. Introspective, delicate and beautiful. A companion album to SCORE153.

Score 242 Uplifting Indie – Eight Indie Rock instrumentals with pounding drums, powerful guitars and soaring string lines to underscore achievement, victory and triumph with energy and intensity.

Score 241 UK Garage Techniques – A retrospective collection of tunes spanning the UK Garage scene in the period between ’92-’02. With vocal samples and performances, breaks, beats and a lively authentic, uniquely British attitude.

Score 240 Night Stalker – A collection of understated yet effectively tense crime beds using an orchestral hybrid palette of strings, percussion, beats and synthetic flavours. Perfect for true crime, documentary and injecting some anxiety.

Score 239 Yippee EDM – A collection of upbeat and unashamedly cheerful EDM underscores. Perfect for inspiring motivation and optimism, with a friendly and danceable attitude.

Score 238 Boozy Bars, Greasy Grills – Authentic country rock instrumentals featuring twangy electric guitars, country fiddle, Southern bluesy swagger and Midwest ranch attitude.

Score 237 Eight Jazz Songs – Eight versatile tunes for jazz ensemble, all with male, female and instrumental versions. A range of styles and a variety of moods provide an excellent resource for sophisticated settings.