New Releases from Score

Score 146 Darktronica – This new release from award winning Composer -Producers Paul Whitehead and Dom Kane features Razor-sharp, dark, moody and pumping electronica. An album brimming with attitude and startling textures; sometimes threatening, occasionally redemptive, always dramatic.

Score 145 Classical Favourites – Composer Clive Lukover presents 10 of the best and most recognisable classical pieces from composers such as Handel, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Holst. Jubilant, Regal and Classy.

Score 144 Christmas Beats – This new release from Score composer Matthew Moore delivers a fabulous festive modern remix of Christmas tunes as you’ve never heard them before. Modern interpretations in a wide variety of genres, including; jazz, chillout, pop, dance, and electro-swing to name a few. Festive, delightful and unpredictable.

Score 143 A Christmas Sparkle -This new release from award winning collective HOME with composer Kevin “KK” Kerrigan: Ten tracks reflecting a traditional Christmas perspective. Using bells, choirs and a selection of orchestral colours, this is innocent, appealing, and glowing with festive cheer.

Score 142 Good Travelling 3 – Composers Dick Walter / Matthew Moore / Clive Lukover present a collection of atmospheric tracks depicting different countries and continents, some with contemporary rhythms, and some with a traditional feel. Instrumentation includes both conventional western and traditional ethnic instruments.

Score 141 Acoustic Guitars 2 – From composers David Walter and Will Morgan a new collection of pieces for acoustic guitars, with a variety of accompaniments. Catchy themes, pleasant atmospheres, childlike melodies and characterful tunes. Companion album to ‘Acoustic Guitars’ – Score 030.

Score 140 Spooky & Scary – This new release from award winning collective HOME with composer Kevin “KK” Kerrigan: A broad spectrum of frightening tracks covering all things ghastly. From gothic cinematic, creepy and kooky ghost-hunting, to seriously macabre horror soundscapes. Just what the bogeyman ordered.

Score 139 Big Band Energy – From Score composer Dick Walter a wide variety of great tracks exploring the different moods produced by the classic big band line-up, from punchy to sexy, showbiz to the ’20s and catchy to Latin, Glamour, Entertainment and Show Business, Hollywood and Las Vegas. Featuring a hand-picked band, recorded in one of London’s top studios, musicians at the top of their game: brass and saxophone players from BBCTV’s Strictly Come Dancing, players from the West End’s premiere theatres and the UK’s top jazz soloists.