New Releases from Score

Score 264 The Jazz Hop Lounge – Cool, easygoing beats with jazz, blues and funk influences. Perfect for city vibes, enigmatic sultry moods and a nostalgic energy from US3 Maestro Geoff Wilkinson.

Score 263 Just Two Acoustic Guitars – A collection of duets played on two steel strung acoustic guitars. From simple bluesy fingerstyle, through uplifting folk to poignant pastoral moods.

Score 262 Open Country – Flute pieces, mostly with piano accompaniment. Simple, beautiful and evocative music for a wide range of emotions, as well as scenes from rural life.

Score 261 Intricate Atmospheres 2 – 10 dark, cold themes and atmospheres which use delicate organic patterns and textures to create chilling, intense and anxious moods. Companion album to SCORE253, but with a shadier intent.

Score 260 Forensic Drama Beds 2 – More meticulous analytical and research-intensive drama tracks for films, TV and documentaries. Companion album to SCORE104.

Score 259 Future R&B Anthems – Slick, modern and original R&B songs featuring infectious vocal hooks and effects, and a commercial pop sensibility perfect for advertising, TV, TikTok and sensory overload. With vocal and non-vocal versions.

Score 258 Atmospheric Mutations – Fusing dramatic, broken and chilled electronic beats with synthetic, scientific and electro-organic textures. A versatile resource featuring ambient-only mixes, expanding the usage possibilities.