New Releases from Score

Score 271 Delicate Stories – Soft, melodic and beautiful. Ten peaceful compositions arranged for lush strings and tender piano fro composer Pawel Morytko.

Score 270 Lo-Fi Lounge – Supreme study beats with chilled atmospheres, melodic guitars and hip-hop elements. Cool, positive underscore.

Score 269 Reflections – A backdrop for nature and the ever changing human condition. Ten evocative, romantic, and poignant compositions for piano and strings. First written when Dave was 17 years old and re-orchestrated here with additional light orchestral elements.

Score 268 Summer Bangers – Sizzling hooks, dazzling drops, euphoric grooves and vibrant bass lines. SUMMER BANGERS is packed with all the ingredients for an exhilarating, sun-soaked and unforgettable dance party.

Score 267 Night Stalker 2 – Ten gripping and atmospheric crime backdrops, blending an orchestral mix of strings and percussion with techno-scientific elements. Perfect for true crime, documentaries, suspense and intrigue. A companion to SCORE240.

Score 266 A Twist Of Folk – A diverse blend of dance and pop tunes rooted in folk. Brimming with positivity, this collection melds high-impact beats with rustic charm. Each track features a ‘folk-only’ version for ultimate versatility.

Score 265 Dramedy Wonderland – Sceptical snowmen, awkward gift gaffes and merry mix-ups. Twelve comedically dramatic and Christmassy tunes with added tension. A companion album to SCORE135 and SCORE187.

Score 264 The Jazz Hop Lounge – Cool, easygoing beats with jazz, blues and funk influences. Perfect for city vibes, enigmatic sultry moods and a nostalgic energy from US3 Maestro Geoff Wilkinson.