New Releases from Score

Score 286 Simple, Loopable, Beautiful – Bright, uncomplicated, and orchestral melodic backgrounds for TV, documentaries, and lifestyle content from composer George Stroud. Each piece is built on repeating musical phrases to assist with the editing process. Underscore versions are provided for each track.

Score 285 Zen Garden – Ten calming, peaceful and uplifting tracks that use ethnic instruments to capture the harmonious energy of the Far East.

Score 284 Schmaltzy Strings – A seductive, sophisticated and smooth collection of eleven timeless themes for rich string orchestra and jazz rhythm section. From easy listening to ’50s pop, Viennese Waltz to lush dreamscapes. Evocative and timeless.

Score 283 Summer House 2 – Summery, sun-soaked and euphoric dance. Tropical house and dreamy EDM infused with positive and uplifting vibes. Up-tempo companion to SCORE 195.

Score 282 True Norse Magick – Epic, dark underscores with an organic, twisted and rustic atmosphere, inspired by ancient pagan rituals and featuring live tagelharpa, throat singing and found percussive elements. A companion to SCORE 235 DARK NORDIC.

Score 281 Indie Glitch – Covering a variety of moods and styles within the genre, this is modern Indie with a creative twist; each title uses glitch effects on the guitars to add interest and distinctive character. Each title includes a non-guitar version.

Score 280 Flashback ’80s – A premium package of nine pop songs from the mid-eighties. With full stems and live instrumentation, FLASHBACK ’80s is a great resource, with quality songwriting and authentic production.

Score 279 Olympiade Excentrique – Ten eccentric, contemporary tracks with tongue-in-cheek French references in a variety of retro-modern ‘remix’ styles. Includes upbeat beds, motivating montages and stylish, memorable themes.