New Releases from Score

Score 277 The Full Rock – From award winning guitarists brought together by Jam Track Central, this album features a powerhouse of classic metal, featuring relentless riffs, thunderous drumming, and a ferocious, fantastical spirit.

Score 276 Orchestral Antics – Hollywood composer Udi Harpaz presents a vibrant collection of 10 whimsical, slapstick and stately tracks for a comedic, melodramatic journey. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios with a live orchestra and featuring full stems and multiple alternative versions

Score 275 Perfect Pop – Seven perfectly crafted pop songs with female vocals from award winning duo Sam Doniger & Jeremy Gillam. Riffing on the many facets of love, including themes of art history, multiple lives, overcoming adversity, love’s physicality and the morning after the night before.

Score 274 Hip Hop Dramedy – Blustering bravado, botched bling and cool comic catastrophes. A further collection of playfully tense tracks, with added attitude. A companion album to SCORE135, 187 and 265.

Score 273 Sophia Garvey – Showcasing the talents and unique voice of Sophia Garvey; 4 vocal songs with Sophia’s lead vocal, and 4 instrumentals featuring her backing vocals. Post Britpop rock ‘n’ roll, retro vibe, timeless sound, and as a bonus, featuring two dance remixes.

Score 272 Coffee House Guitar 2 – From motivation and hospitality, to study sessions, relaxing friendships and family gatherings, this follow up to SCORE 256 uses the electric guitar to create a variety of welcoming and affable moods.

Score 271 Delicate Stories – Soft, melodic and beautiful. Ten peaceful compositions arranged for lush strings and tender piano fro composer Pawel Morytko.

Score 270 Lo-Fi Lounge – Supreme study beats with chilled atmospheres, melodic guitars and hip-hop elements. Cool, positive underscore.