New Releases from Score

Score 262 Open Country – Flute pieces, mostly with piano accompaniment. Simple, beautiful and evocative music for a wide range of emotions, as well as scenes from rural life.

Score 261 Intricate Atmospheres 2 – 10 dark, cold themes and atmospheres which use delicate organic patterns and textures to create chilling, intense and anxious moods. Companion album to SCORE253, but with a shadier intent.

Score 260 Forensic Drama Beds 2 – More meticulous analytical and research-intensive drama tracks for films, TV and documentaries. Companion album to SCORE104.

Score 259 Future R&B Anthems – Slick, modern and original R&B songs featuring infectious vocal hooks and effects, and a commercial pop sensibility perfect for advertising, TV, TikTok and sensory overload. With vocal and non-vocal versions.

Score 258 Atmospheric Mutations – Fusing dramatic, broken and chilled electronic beats with synthetic, scientific and electro-organic textures. A versatile resource featuring ambient-only mixes, expanding the usage possibilities.

Score 257 Dusty Hip-Hop Underscores – Super Slick, chilled background music with original vinyl loops and perfectly imperfect samples for some nostalgic leisure time from Manchester based duo Paul Whitehead and Leroy Smith.

Score 256 Coffee House Guitar – An uplifting collection using acoustic guitars with an electric sensibility. Welcoming a variety of moods and situations, from relaxing friendships and family gatherings, to study sessions, motivation and hospitality.

Score 255 Time’s Up – Against the clock! Twenty three tracks which count down to zero. Every track starts on the first sample and ‘hits’ at 60 seconds, (or 30 seconds). Covering a wide variety of genres, keys, edits and moods, TIME’S UP is a comprehensive resource.

Score 254 Heartbroken Soul – A collection of soulful R&B songs. Emotional desolation, heartache and self-determination. Slow to mid-tempo tracks – male or female vocals mastered by the brilliant duo Downes & Coupe.