New Releases from Score

Score 168 Guitar Pop Anthems – Chart-friendly, heartfelt and accessible pop songs about freedom and love, all of which utilise the venerable acoustic/electric guitar. With vocal and non-vocal versions.from top industry Composer / Producer Jorden Milnes for 7Gate Media.

Score 167 News & Current Affairs 2 – From Composer Clive Lukover a great resource for hard-hitting news and factual programming. Main titles, bumpers, stings, underscores and stems provide a comprehensive toolkit. An amped-up companion to SCORE 126 ‘News & Current Affairs’.

Score 166 Postcards From Muscle Shoals – The groove, the whole groove, and nothing but the groove. Guitarist and Composer Matthew Cang presents a collection of tunes and riffs, inspired by and recorded at the legendary FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Southern rock and authentic rhythm and blues.

Score 165 Lively Latin Beats – From Score composers Matthew Moore and Clive Lukover a lively Latin-infused contemporary, beat-based and light-hearted instrumentals. From street sounds in Puerto Rico to house-parties in Mexico City.

Score 164 Vocal Immersion – This new contemporary vocal album from Composer and songwriter Sophy Purnell, this features heartfelt, distinctive and minimalist vocal textures that sit alongside beautiful arrangements which evoke hope, love, triumph, allure and charm. With strings, piano, mallets, and percussion.

Score 163 Future Bass Anthems – This new vocal album from Composer / Producers 7GATE with high-impact beats, chopped up catchy vocals fused with huge drops, and laced with massive synths. An album perfect for getting positively pumped and hyped.

Score 162 Easy Listening: – Classic and groovy concepts in a modern package. From Score composer Dick Walter recorded live at Angel Studios with a collection of mellow, upbeat and jazzy tunes. To ensure ease of editing, main versions and underscores have the same file start.

Score 161Darkscapes – From new Score composer Mike Tourle a wonderful collection musical atmospheres from organic, synthetic and unusual sound sources create emotional unrest and a novel sense of anxiety and foreboding.