New Releases from Score

Score 149 Piano Noir – Accomplished Musician /Composer Jess Kennedy presents an collection of romantic piano and sensuous strings creating dramatic themes and evocative atmospheres. These tracks express a range of emotions from passion and intensity, through Pre-Raphaelite melancholy, to dark and mysterious longing.

Score 148 Dramatic Directions – From Composers Bardoni & Warr a new release essential both for trailers and dramatic sequences, these tracks build with kinetic energy using contemporary percussion, and orchestral and electronic textures. Brimming with musicality and creativity, this is not just another trailers album.

Score 147 Dancefloor Nights – This new release from award winning collective HOME features a cool collection of mid-tempo dance tunes with memorable lyrics and motivational beats, creating a classic club atmosphere.

Score 146 Darktronica – This new release from award winning Composer -Producers Paul Whitehead and Dom Kane features Razor-sharp, dark, moody and pumping electronica. An album brimming with attitude and startling textures; sometimes threatening, occasionally redemptive, always dramatic.

Score 145 Classical Favourites – Composer Clive Lukover presents 10 of the best and most recognisable classical pieces from composers such as Handel, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Holst. Jubilant, Regal and Classy.

Score 144 Christmas Beats – This new release from Score composer Matthew Moore delivers a fabulous festive modern remix of Christmas tunes as you’ve never heard them before. Modern interpretations in a wide variety of genres, including; jazz, chillout, pop, dance, and electro-swing to name a few. Festive, delightful and unpredictable.