Dick talks to Soho Radio

Paul Sandell and Will Clark at Soho Radio present the first ‘Music Library’ show from my EMIPM, showcasing newly released Library tracks from some of the best composers in the industry coming in to talk about their work.

And their first interview is with Score Composer and owner Dick Walter, as a longstanding music library composer he came in to chat about his time in the media industry, from production music to tv and advertising, featuring a broad range of library tracks from Dicks early KPM releases through to later classics as well as the instantly recognisable 4 second track that has become the goto source for all editors!

Heralded by the few, heard by the many, the music subculture called library music is a rich, expansive and largely untapped source of music history chronicling the vast range of musical styles through the lens of television. Library music (or Production Music) was born before TV but boomed as Televisions became household items; creating the opportunity for composers and session musicians to experiment without the pressures of writing a ‘hit’.

Today, TV’s need for music has never been greater and those catalogues which have been around since the 1950s hold a treasure trove of musical gems that generations have grown up listening to. Whether its sports themes, news beds, music for cartoons or the soundtrack to iconic porn films, you can bet your bottom dollar that you have heard a lot of library music!

Listen to the full broadcast on EMIPM: www.mixcloud.com/sohoradio/emipm