Thanks to the great team at No Sheet Music for this new placement ‘Good Good Things’ for BBC3’s second series of ‘Charlotte in Sunderland’ from singer/songwriter Steph Trivison debut album- Score / 232 Little Thrills – featuring the one and only ‘DJ $crilla’.

Charlotte’s back and life is as crazy as ever, new life, new love, new baby – this is reality star Charlotte Crosby as you’ve never seen her before. Back home in Sunderland, she shines a spotlight on a whirlwind year. She’s set herself a massive challenge for the business while being a mum to Alba and introducing Jake to the joys of Kama Sutra – all while cooking a fry-up!

Score 232 / Little Thrills


A special collection of pop songs in a variety of styles, written and performed by Steph Trivison. Intimate ballads, upbeat funky dance numbers and RnB pop anthems.

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