A big thank you to APM for this great Score track ’Strangeness & Charm’ from SCORE / 044 Dark Science – composed by Bardoni & Warr featuring as part of the soundtrack to Netflix’s new series ‘Rotten’ in Episode 3 ‘Garlic Breath’…..
The Netflix Series ‘Rotten’ is a Docuseries that travels deep into the heart of the food supply chain to reveal unsavory truths and expose hidden forces that shape what we eat and looks at global supply chains of six particular food commodities—dairy milk, garlic, honey, peanuts, chicken and fish—using litigation around these markets to spin stories of intrigue and grotesque awe. This third episode focuses on a dispute between Chinese mega-exporters of garlic that somehow ropes in New Mexico farmers who regularly sell garlic at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.
Cooking shows turned the humble garlic bulb into a multibillion-dollar crop. But a lawsuit raises troubling questions about top suppliers. A lucrative and controversial commerce relationship between the U.S. and China forms the backdrop for a david-and-goliath tale of loyalty, betrayal and revenge on the American garlic scene.



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