‘Quest 2 Is Ready’…

A great new exclusive placement with the team at Meta and APM Music featuring Markus Gleissner’s track ‘Hustler’ from Score 197 / Sports Hype Bangers in the new Oculus Quest 2 TV Spot and online media campaign, ‘Supernatural: Fitness Is Ready’ featuring Leanne Pedante the superstar fitness instructor with Oculus says VR workouts aren’t just for nerds — they’re for the best workouts of your life. As she bats away virtual projectiles in fantastic worlds, she recommends using the Quest 2 for your next workout.

Leanne Pedante says “In the summer of 2020, I accepted the role of Head of Fitness for Supernatural. I continue to coach workouts, develop our team, support our incredible community of members, and dream up new ways of getting people to move in virtual reality. The immersive quality of VR opens up a world of possibilities that will change how people move their bodies. I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this team”.

Score 197 / Sports Hype Bangers
Pregame pump-up tracks to inject energy and motivation. With build-up sections, big drops, monster brass licks and sizeable, swaggering, beats.

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