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Roger Dexter is, without doubt, one of the most successful composers working today. His works are heard by millions across the TV, internet and radio every day. The challenge of producing music for ‘A Day On TV‘ was to create a separate musical identity for all of the types of programme you might see and hear every day on TV – the clue is in the title! A main theme tune is followed by a range of mixes and stings providing a ‘working kit of parts’ for editors and directors to use.

Roger said, “My musical background has served me well on this project. Over the years I have been commissioned to write and produce music in every style and type imaginable; from working with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, to writing and producing music that is used daily on cutting edge radio programmes such as Radio 1’s award-winning Chris Moyles Show and TV themes for the BBC’s Watchdog and ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh Show.”

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