SCORE 015-16




If you’re looking for music that says luxury, cool sophisticated night-life, music that says relaxation and entertainment, music with melodies and gentle rhythms, music to eat to – whether a traditional cream tea or fine dining, music to dance to – maybe a fiery tango or some old-school ballroom, music in the elevator or in the lobby, or music that sets a scene, be it a New York bar on the Upper East Side, Broadway, or a rooftop bier garden, Nice and Easy will give you just what you want.

Dick Walter has an enviable pedigree in melodic, easy-listening music having composed and arranged for innumerable orchestras and groups specialising in the genre. He has worked with some of the masters of that material, in television, radio and recording, absorbing the best from legendary UK figures such as Malcolm Lockyer, Peter Knight, Ronnie Hazlehurst and Syd Dale. He has a reputation for perfectly crafted work of the highest quality.

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