SCORE 020-21




Hi there – how’re you doing?
Yeah – good. You remember we released those two minimalist albums?
Absolutely – Momentum (Score 001) and Continuum (Score 012). Modern orchestral writing for strings wasn’t it? I imagine they were well received…
Very much so, because they work in so many different contexts. You know – unobtrusive, consistent textures and atmospheres that can fit with technology, human stories, finance, medical documentaries – they’re really versatile.
So what’s new?
Well the interesting thing is that people said: “These are great, but can we have them more minimalist!”
Wow! So how did you do that?
We remixed all the tracks, making the textures even sparser, often producing as many as four new versions! – but always making sure they had exactly the same structure. That means clients can cut between any of the versions, loop sections very easily and make the music fit their exact requirements.
That sounds really sensible. What’s it called?
Seriously Minimal (Score 020 / 021).
Sounds good. I’ll check it out. What’s next for you guys?
Well, we’re trying to think of a good title for the follow-up. What d’you think of Extremely Seriously Minimal – The Sequel?
Hmmm – not sure. Maybe you should stay with what you’ve got. Sounds like you’ve got it covered to me!

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