Disturbing, Anxious, Fearful, Nervous, Restless, Suspense, Tense, Agitated, Dangerous, Scary, Menacing, Nightmarish, Ominous, Shocking, Terrifying, Gritty, Mechanical, Robotic. Edgy, contemporary tracks to accompany and reinforce tension in drama and documentary productions. There are three types of track, in order: ‘Building’, ‘Percussive’ and ‘Tension’. Main versions are (a), and alternative or lighter versions are (b)

Home are a group of experienced Composers/Producers in the field of music for media who cover a broad spectrum of genres from Indie to Dance, Folk to Pop, and Classical to Hip Hop.

Production credits include:
Made In Chelsea, MTV Cribs, True Blood, Big Brother, Tonight show with Jay Leno (USA), Celebrity Big Brother, Ugly Betty (USA), American Idol (USA), Lancôme TV Ad, Becks TV Ad, Top Gear, American Idol (USA), America’s Next Top Model, Fifa World Cup 2012, UEFA Champions League Weekly Theme, US Golf Channel Promo, Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares, Invicta, Converse ‘pro streets.’ VW Toureg TVC, Nikon TVC

Produced by: Paul Whitehead and Emily Taylor for Score Production Music