Happy, Bright, Positive, Atmospheric, Latin America, South Africa, Caribbean, Rhythmic, China, Bossa, World, Middle East, The Deep South. Featuring atmospheric tracks depicting different countries and continents, some with contemporary rhythms, and some a more traditional feel. Instrumentation includes both conventional western and traditional ethnic instruments.

Dick Walter: For full biography see Score 001

Roger Dexter: For full biography see Score 002/003

Christina Zoina studied music for 4 years at the Royal Academy of Music gaining a Bachelor of Music with 1st class honors. Her degree specialized in writing music for film and television. She was also awarded the ‘Princess Alice Prize for exemplary studentship’ and ‘BMI London Honors Student Bursary Award’.

Her credits include Chain Male (short film), Honda promotional videos, Prince Eddy–The King We Never Had (Channel 4), Forgotten Voices (Discovery Channel), The Impressionists (BBC series. 
As music assistant to Anne Dudley Tristan and Isolde (film), Perfect Creature (film), Black Book (film), Whatever Love Means (ITV Drama), The Walker (film), Trial and Retribution (ITV series), Rosemary and Thyme (TV series), Above Suspicion (TV series), Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra, BBC Electric Proms – BeeGees, Robbie Williams, Les Miserables (film).

Clive Lukover is a UK based composer for film and TV. After graduating with an MA in Music for Film from Bournemouth University he went on to write for many publishers including Sony/ATV producing a number of albums in various genres including contemporary orchestral, jazz, minimalist piano driven tracks, string quartets as well as pop and world music.

As a songwriter his song ‘Who is She to Me’ was recorded by the Asian star Christian Bautista and released by Universal.

His music has featured in many shows and TV programs around the world including BBC Sports, Sky Sports, Funny or Die (USA), Strictly Come Dancing (UK), Hollyoaks, Come Dine With Me, The Great British Food Revival (International). His piano music was featured on the Paris tribute video ‘Je Suis Paris’ in 2015 and shown on Sky Sports.

His music has been used in many short films such as ‘Lotus Flowers’ which was shown at the Raindance Film festival in London.