Peaceful, Calm, Tranquil, Positive, Meditative, Ethereal. Essentially still but with movement, relaxed but with energy, tranquil but with momentum, this selection of tracks will enhance any visual image, whether documentary or drama, personal or corporate, active or passive.

Produced by Martin Webb and Dick Walter for Score Production Music

Nick Bardoni and Steve Warr met through the pages of Melody Maker magazine. Having formed a couple of bands – and achieving almost no success whatsoever – they eventually found their niche writing music for advertising and product launches where, much to their surprise, they proved to be an instant hit with agencies and production companies.

While continuing to work in the hub of the industry, Nick & Steve went on to write, perform and produce many albums for KPM Music, occasionally earning the accolade of ‘Most Requested Tracks’, and being featured on many TV shows and advertisements worldwide. Two albums, ‘Music Beds’ and ‘Drama’ became templates of production music genres, and are still in widespread use many years later. Although they initially came from a rock background, which can be heard in many guitar-based tracks, they were amongst the first in the industry to create orchestral mockups for clients, many of which led to full-scale orchestral sessions.

They have embraced music technology since the earliest days of sampling, gaining a reputation as skilled synth programmers; and they are often seen as the go-to guys for innovative sonic palettes and creative use of synths & samplers.

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