Satanic, devilish, playful, sports, hell, rock ‘n’ roll, metal, stoner rock, power, driving, insistent. 13 titles; all balls-out heavy metal and rock ‘n’ roll with some demons thrown in for good measure. You’ll hear references from the late 70s through to the present day, you’ll hear good times on the road, you’ll hear the devil whisper in your ear.

Dan Morrissey has been a musician/songwriter/musical obsessor for 30 years. Having played classical piano, flute & euphonium from the age of 11, at 16 he discovered AC/DC and everything went wrong! Deciding to teach himself rock guitar was the best decision ever made and he’s been doing it ever since. He’s played in many pro and semi-pro bands over the years including Tantric UK, Atomgod and God’s Little Joke. This has lead him to tour the UK and US extensively, on the way, recording over a thousand tracks. His music ranges from high energy, adrenaline-fuelled rock music to ethereal ambient soundscapes to modern orchestral to electronic beats and lots more in between. Whatever the style of the music, one or all of three elements are always present- passion, drama and colour. Take a listen!

Produced by: Dan Morrissey & David Walter for Score Production Music