Jazz, Rock, Guitar, Ballad, Smooth, Sophisticated. Jazz and rock infused ballads featuring virtuosic guitar solos, great musicianship and sophisticated production. Underscore versions are included for all tracks. Companion album to ‘Guitar Star Ballads 1’ – Score 118.

This collection of classic ‘Guitar Hero Ballads’ features great tracks from leading lights in the JTC stable:
Feodor Dosumov, Alex Hutchings, Jakub Zytecki, Marco Sfogli, 
Al Joseph, Phil Jewson, Dave Lockwood, Sergey Golovin, Jan Cyrka, Guthrie Govan, James Graydon and Andy James.

Jam Track Central originally started as back in 2007. Co–founders Jan Cyrka and Adrian Clark had been writing blues–based backing tracks with example solos and transcriptions for the cover CDs of some of the UK–based magazines for many years, but had retained the rights to them. After a certain period of time had passed, they were able to essentially do what they wanted with them. They decided to set up a site so that people could purchase and download them.

Jan Cyrka is probably best known for three solo albums full of meaty guitar playing: Beyond the Common Ground, Spirit and Prickly Pear. However, his career began in the 1980s when he was guitarist-in-chief with cartoon biker band Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction, supporting Guns N’ Roses on extensive tours of the US and Canada.

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Produced by: Jam Track Central and David Walter for Score Production Music