Champions, Inspiration, Winners, Victory. Classical crossover tracks to excite and motivate. Crossing the finishing line, overcoming the odds, and breaking barriers, this album is the sound of champions.

Produced by: Elizabeth Levine and David Walter for Score Production Music

Elizabeth Levine is an exciting, versatile composer and musician. She was the winner of the BBC Guardian Young Composers competition at the age of 14, studied classical violin at London’s Royal Academy of Music and for the past eight years, has been making her mark as a composer of production music. She is currently working with some leading production companies in the UK and Germany. Her music has already been heard in a wide variety of contexts such as: The X Factor, Masterchef The Professionals CNN, BBC World News, BBC4, ITV Football, CBeebies, The Jonathan Ross Show, as well as BBC Nature documentaries. She specialises in a broad range of commercial music: from traditional orchestral soundscapes, taking you on a journey through emotional themes and evocative textures, to driving, fresh, contemporary beats coupled with memorable string motifs, as well as hybrid fusion of strings and electronica.

‘Born Winners’ is her latest album that captures the true spirit of success and great achievement from all walks of life. From Olympic sporting heroes to rising stars, aspiring individuals and brilliant minds breaking through against all odds and making dreams reality. This album is a contemporary mix of driving beats and strings, uplifting anthems and epic soundscapes evoking excitement and passion.
A personal journey of fulfilment and an unstoppable driving force towards glory.

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