Textural, Beautiful, Vocable. Heartfelt, distinctive and minimalist vocal textures sit alongside beautiful arrangements which evoke hope, love, triumph, allure and charm. With strings, piano, mallets, and percussion.

Produced by: Sophy Purnell and David Walter for Score Production Music.

Sophy Purnell is a composer, songwriter and professional vocalist. She is well recognised for her emotive and experimental use of vocals in her music whilst being able to write in a variety of musical styles. Her music has been featured on television shows such as: Coronavirus: The Survivors’ Stories (ITV); Race Across The World (BBC Two); Snow Cats And Me (BBC Two); The Apprentice (BBC One); Top Gear (BBC Two); Junior Doctors: On The Frontline (BBC Three); The Supervet: Noel Fitzpatrick (Channel 4); The Yorkshire Vet (Channel 5); Antiques Roadshow (BBC One); Songs Of Praise (BBC One); The Victorian House of Arts and Crafts (BBC Two); The House of Extraordinary People (Channel 5); Countryfile (BBC One); and A Year To Save My Life: George McGavin and Melanoma (BBC Four).

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