Follow-up to the hugely popular Neon Wave (SCORE/097), again blending modern electronica with ’80s nostalgia and this time expanding the palette to include guitars, strings and a menacing electro punk edge.

In the past couple of years alone, the sub-genre of electronic music, also known by names like synthwave, retrowave and futuresynth, has transformed from a whisper on a few select Internet hubs into a self-sustaining musical ecosystem forcing itself up and expanding rapidly. Especially after the release of the 2011 arthouse film triumph ‘Drive’ and Netflix smash ‘Stranger Things’, the genre has exploded in a plume of modern electronic fury. This ’80s-styled album is full of retro warmth and familiarity combined with driving emotional modern production. Retro Futurism at its finest.

Produced by: Paul Whitehead and David Walter for Score Production Music

Paul Whitehead is a Composer and Producer specialising in music for tv and media, having previously worked for Ministry of Sound Records, now work as a freelance producer / composer working across multiple genres and styles. With recent credits for Pizza Hut, Sky 1, ‘Access Hollywood’ and Trutv as well as a number of radio shows and tv idents in the U.S, Australia and throughout Europe.

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