A collection of atmospheric tracks, evocative of different countries and continents, using a variety of both conventional Western and traditional ethnic instruments. Companion to SCORE070, SCORE094 and SCORE142.

Produced by: Dick and David Walter for Score Production Music

Dick Walter: For full biography see Score 001

Matthew Moore is a multi-talented composer and performer and his music has been featured in films, adverts, documentaries and children’s TV. He has the unique ability to compose across a wide range of styles from full orchestral tracks to small quirky ensemble pieces.

His credits include: Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (BBC), Freeview “Laughter” Advert, Around the World in 80 Trades (Channel 4), 30 Minutes or Less (Jesse Eisenberg), So you think you can dance, Come Dine with Me, Cartoon Network, HBO, NBC.

As well as being an accomplished musician, Matthew is also a highly skilled recording and mixing engineer. These skills are evident in his compositions, whether using real instruments or making samples sound as realistic as possible.

For more information on the composer:

Glenn Sharp is a Grammy Nominated session musician, composer and producer. He performs traditional music from around the world, in particular Mediterranean, Flamenco and Arabic music. He has performed worldwide, playing guitar, oud and saz, as well as other stringed instruments from his collection.

Glenn has produced an eclectic mix of albums over the years, from world and jazz to pop and electronica. Glenn’s compositions have been used extensively on radio and TV documentaries across the world. Glenn has also worked on many award winning videogame soundtracks for SEGA and was nominated for a Grammy for his flamenco guitar and composition work with Arun Shenoy.

He has worked with artists including Guy Schalom, Davod Azad, Calaita Flamenco Son, Kefaya, Hamsa, Fanna-Fi Allah, Hossam Ramzy, Nitin Sawhney, Frank London, Olcay Bayir, Ali Jaberi, Electronic Empires and Jasdeep Singh Degun.