Down ‘n’ dirty rock ‘n’ roll with easy to edit gaps, drop-downs and build-ups built in. Editors get ready, locked in and LOADED!

Produced by: Tim & Toby Bricheno and David Walter for Score Production Music.

Toby Bricheno is an Honours graduate in composition from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, he has written over 20 albums of production music for KPM and Deep East Music, ranging from cutting edge dance and indie to full-blown orchestral scores. Toby has composed the music for advertising campaigns including FCUK, The Guardian, Foot Locker, Ford, and Cottages4you and theme tunes including The Jeremy Kyle Show and Wife Swap. His music is used extensively on Sky and Discovery Networks promos worldwide. He has contributed to feature film soundtracks including the Oscar-winning The Iron Lady and High Fidelity.

Tim has co-written a string of hit records and composed numerous pieces of media music. He was lead guitarist in influential English indie band All About Eve, co-writing a crop of successful singles and albums. Following their break-up Tim joined The Mission’s touring line-up before being recruited by the legendary Sisters of Mercy. After recording the acclaimed album ‘Vision Thing’ in 1991, Tim formed the electro rock group XC-NN, openly courting controversy and causing a media storm with notorious indie chart topper ‘Young Stupid and White’. Tim disbanded XC-NN and formed Tin Star whose cinematic style was perfectly suited to TV and film. Tin Star scored a US Top Ten hit – ‘Head’, from their album Thrill Kisser. Working alongside his brother Toby, they have written numerous successful production music CDs.

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