A collection of romantic, atmospheric and epic themes for full string orchestra. Lush arrangements including piano, soaring electric guitar, Celtic whistle, drums and percussion.

Produced by: Tim and David Walter for Score Production Music

Tim Walter is a composer with credits in TV, film and musical theatre. His career in music spans over 45 years, from studying as a chorister at Salisbury Cathedral, music scholar at Lancing College and music graduate at Bristol University to TV and production music, three award winning musical theatre pieces and various performance work including a memorable tour with Rowan Atkinson. A career in the music industry has provided a backdrop to more recent writing. Compositions cover a huge variety of styles with the emphasis on lyrical landscapes of sound in orchestral, rock and classical genres.

‘Pictures in the Mind’ is an album that came together during the long periods of lockdown and global pandemic, something that has massively impacted all of our horizons and visions. This album paints some of these missing pictures and creates an emotional and lyrical reference to life as we used to know it! The album is a journey through some of the events, memories and images we create in our lives. A huge thank you to the musicians and Score Production Music for making this journey possible.”

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