Ten original fanfare pieces. From celebratory full brass band with percussion through to elegiac solo trumpet, and featuring multiple variations, extensive stems, plus wet and dry versions. GLORIOUS FANFARES is a comprehensive toolkit.

Produced by: Andrew Griffiths and David Walter for Score Production Music

Andrew Griffiths is an award winning Welsh composer and multi instrumentalist with over 30 years experience within the industry.
Andrew’s work as a composer has been recorded on numerous occasions with a full orchestra at Abbey Road and many other studios around the world.
As a musician, Andrew plays over 30 different instruments, but specialises in brass and wind.

He has worked extensively on projects for TV and the film industry. His work is heard daily on TV around the world and in 2019, he was awarded a Royal Television Society award for his music for the Harrison Spinks TV advertising campaign.

Andrew works from his own studio in a quiet village in the upper Swansea valley in South Wales