10 beautiful themes and atmospheres which use delicate organic patterns and textures to create dreamy, tender and thoughtful moods.

Produced by: Oliver Vessey and Dick Walter for Score Production Music

Oliver Vessey’s concert debut came at a piano recital at the University of Bath in 1974, aged just 4 years old. Winner of many music festivals throughout his childhood, he was awarded a music scholarship to study at the prestigious Wells Cathedral School.

Following a Bachelor of Science degree from City University London he began working in Soho as a studio engineer and writing music for advertising, as well as travelling the world as the keyboard player in a variety of bands. This included various TV appearances, all of the major European festivals, and American tour support for artists such as The Chemical Brothers and Aphex Twin. Independent commercial releases under various pseudonyms were championed by the likes of The Wire’s Steve Barker and John Peel.

Oliver has so far written around 500 works for television and film, for EMI, Warner Chappell and others. Credits include adverts for British Airways, Sony, Honda, Alpen; the theme music for Piers Morgan – Life Stories; station idents for the BBC, TF1, MTV.

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