Chilled/Focus/Hip Hop

Supreme study beats with chilled atmospheres, melodic guitars and hip-hop elements. Cool, positive underscore.

Produced by: Mike Holt, Peter Christiansen and David Walter for Score Production Music

Mike Holt is a UK based multi-instrumentalist composer and session musician. He began writing library music in 2015 and has since had well over 1000 tracks and sound design cues released by publishers such as Sony/ATV, BMG, EMI, Universal and Warner Chappell, amongst others. His music can be heard on shows such as Top Gear, X-Factor, This Morning, The One Show, Married At First Sight, The Voice, Outback Truckers and hundreds more shows besides, both in the UK and globally. He has also had tracks and sound design used in trailers and TV spots for the campaigns of Ice Age 5, Halloween Kills, Annabella, Us, Hunters, Seinfeld and The New Mutants to name a few. Mike plays guitar, drums, bass, banjo, ukulele, lap steel, weissenborn, mandolin and ronroco.

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Peter Christiansen is an accomplished music producer & composer based in London, UK. With over 100 TV shows to his credit, Peter’s work can be heard on some of the biggest major networks such as the BBC, NBC, Netflix and Discovery, in shows such as The Apprentice, Big Brother, Coronation street, Emmerdale and many others.

With a deep passion for hip hop, EDM, and pop music, he brings a unique and dynamic sound to his compositions, capturing the energy and excitement of these popular styles.