A vibrant collection of 10 whimsical, slapstick and stately tracks for a comedic, melodramatic journey. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios with a live orchestra and featuring full stems and multiple alternative versions.

Produced by: Udi Harpaz and David Walter for Score Production Music

Udi Harpaz started his Hollywood career orchestrating & arranging for popular TV shows such as “Little House on the Prairie”, “Fame”, “Cheers” and “Knight Rider”, just to name a few.
In 1984 Udi was chosen to compose the music for the popular TV series “Airwolf” (CBS). Since then, Udi has been composing for numerous TV shows & movies including “Shell Game” (CBS), “Annihilator” (NBC), “Shadow of Obsession” (NBC), “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (Showtime) “Tim Conway-Funny America” (NBC) & many more.
Udi has composed for many animated TV shows such as “Digimon Digital Monster” (Fox), “Centurions” (syndicated), “Mr. T” (NBC), “Beany & Cecil” (NBC) & “Space Cats” (NBC).

In addition to his vast television work, Udi has composed the scores for numerous theatrical feature films including Hollywood Shuffle (Samuel Goldwyn), Running Scared (MGM), Ninja III (MGM), Naked Target (Frade) and The Whoopee Boys (Paramount)

Since 1992, Udi has been dividing his time between Los Angeles and Israel where he has recorded his symphonic scores for movies including Casper: A Spirited Beginning (Fox), Casper Meets Wendy (Fox), Digimon: The Movie (Fox) & TV shows like Spiderman (Fox), Masked Rider (Fox) and Power Rangers (Fox).
For the past 25 years Udi has been working extensively for music publishing giants Such as Universal Publishing Production Music, Warner/Chappell Production Music, Sonoton Music & more composing/conducting & producing over 100 symphonic CDs. This music has been featured on numerous TV shows including “Dancing with the Stars” (ABC), “America’s Got Talent” (NBC), “Oprah” (syndicated), “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” (NBC), Saturday Night Live (NBC), “Inside the NFL” (HBO) and many TV shows & Theatrical Movies.

Udi has also been involved as a composer and music director on a numerous stage shows, among them: “Night of the Sultans”, “Masada”, “Fantazi”, “Glow”, “Ali Baba & the 40 Thieves”, “Aladdin”, “Sisters Rosenzweig”, and ” Women Talk Women”. On the dance show “Night of the Sultans”, Udi had the opportunity to collaborate with Turkish musicians and record the music in Istanbul. On the musical drama “Masada”, Udi traveled to Russia to conduct the Moscow Symphony Orchestra in a ten-day recording session. A year later Udi music directed and conducted “Masada” in a gala performance at the Schubert Theater in Los Angeles.

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