Walking Britain’s Lost Railways..

Thanks to the great team at No Sheet Music for this new placement track ‘Sands of Time’ for Channel 5’s ‘Walking Britain’s Lost Railways by James Brett from his beautiful orchestral album – Score / 083-84 Cinematic Beauty, recorded with full orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.

For years, railways have linked people across the whole of Great Britain and the charms of the British landscape are best captured through the window of a train as it rolls through the countryside. However, in the 1960s, a significant proportion of the railway network was closed, and these railways lines have since remained lost and forgotten. Rob Bell sets out on a journey to uncover six of these forgotten lines to discover their history and the new life that has been created from their remains as he explores Britain in a uniquely different way, in this episode Rob follows the Waverley Line, which stretches for 100 miles south from Edinburgh.

Score 083-84 / Cinematic Beauty 1-2
An album of beautiful and powerfully emotional music. Recorded with a full orchestra, at Abbey Road Studios in London.

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