It’s Happy Birthdays…

Is it possible to write dozens of arrangements of the same tune and not be tired of it? Well, actually, it appears it is…

Happy Birthday To You – not, on the face of it, the most inspiring raw material, now has a collection of fifty-two arrangements, (Score 086), which will give someone with a large family, or a lot of friends, a different version for every week of the year. There are still musical styles to be covered, but this project encompasses most of the obvious areas, geographical as well as stylistic, and was surprisingly enjoyable to work on.

The melody is structured in a classic way: a little repetition in the first four bars, followed by an ascending interval that is optimistic and positive, and then the final descent to a gentle conclusion.

Whether a family gathering round the piano, a party atmosphere with a reggae track, or a version for marching to, we hope this album will provide accompaniments for most birthdays.



Produced by Dick Walter and David Walter for Score Production Music