Thanks to our great South Korean agents Hi-Five, Score supplies the soundtrack for this striking TV Advertising Campaign for Jack Link’s Beef Jerky, featuring the marvellous voice of Soprano Nicola Kirsch with her beautiful rendition of ‘Je Veux Vivre’ from ‘Score 200 / Score At The Opera’.

‘Quality & Tradition’ Jack Link’s has been family owned since 1885, “Over 100 years ago, our great-grandparents settled in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, bringing with them treasured family recipes and an adventurous spirit. The family is still here in Northern Wisconsin, taking pride in the quality products we make from those same time-honored recipes. So go ahead, try our snacks. Our name on the package is our personal guarantee of your satisfaction. Enjoy!”

Score 200 / Score At The Opera
A collection of some of the most popular arias featuring a live symphony orchestra and the voice of Nicola Kirsch. Full versions, orchestra-only versions, with edits and some instrumental beds.

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