Nintendo Aragami 2…

Great new placement thanks to Nintendo and our World Wide Agents with this stirring track ‘Perseverance’ by composer Clive Lukover from Score 155 The Power Of Japan, featuring anthems to inspire a nation using traditional sounds and the spirit of the land of the rising sun!

Aragami 2 is a third person stealth game where you play as an assassin with the power to control the shadows. Join the shadow clan and fight the invader armies to protect your people.

“You are one of the last elite warriors of your kin, the Aragami”. Victims of a supernatural affliction which corrodes the body and devours the mind, the Aragami control Shadow Essence – a mystical power which grants the ability to control the shadows. With this power the Aragami carry out their tasks and quests – assignments made all along the valley to ensure the subsistence of the village and to free the Aragami enslaved by the invader armies.”

Score 155 / The Power Of Japan
Anthems to inspire a nation. Using traditional sounds and the spirit of Japan, ten tracks with a powerful physicality and a kinetic sense of honour. Featuring shamisen, koto and a range of taiko drums..

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