Pocky Share the Happiness!

Thanks to the great team at APM for this new placement track ‘Ukemon’ by Jorden Milnes from Score 119 Positive Pop – for major Japanese snack brand Pocky in it’s new Ad campaign Share Pocky – Share the Happiness!
Pocky was originally introduced by Japan’s Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. in 1966 as “the world’s first chocolate stick snack,” – a tasty, crispy cookie biscuit stick dipped in rich, chocolate cream with a unique “handle” for no-mess chocolate delight. Inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia for the snapping sound from eating these crispy sticks, they named it “Pocky.” Pocky became a huge success in Japan as well as an integral part of Japanese culture. It has since expanded across the globe to over 30 countries, including the US where it is the leading snack in the rapidly growing Asian snack food segment.

In the beginning, each stick was hand-dipped in chocolate, leaving one end of the stick bare. This unique “handle” benefitted the hand-dipping process and facilitating eating Pocky without getting chocolate on one’s hands.

Pocky is about sharing happiness with friends, family, coworkers – anyone, anytime, anywhere! Just open a box, pass it around, and watch the smiles and happiness spread. With plenty of sticks in each box, Pocky is the perfect snack for bringing people closer together and livening the mood. Or simply relax on the couch and share Pocky with that special someone. Great to have around the house. With the no mess handle of the Pocky stick, your kids won’t have chocolate all over their hands. And for the same reason, Pocky is also great for parties. Open a box of Pocky and present them in a glass, we’ll leave which flavor up to you. Bring some Pocky to school or work and you’ll have a delicious snack to keep you going throughout the day. And if you haven’t already thought of this one, Pocky goes great with ice cream and other desserts.

Score 119 / Positive Pop
Party, Uplifting, Disco, Pop, Dancefloor, Celebration. Unashamedly cheerful, upbeat disco floor-fillers. Modern yet timeless, these pop classics will brighten up any occasion. Vocal and non-vocal versions.

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