‘Robert is Here’…

Thanks to the great team at No Sheet Music for this new placement track ‘Midwest Musing’ for Channel 4’s popular new travel series ‘Matt Baker’s Travels in the Country: USA’ by Adam Goldsmith and Jeff Leach from their recorded live album collaboration – Score / 238 Boozy Bars, Greasy Grills.

After a lifetime exploring the countryside of the UK, Matt Baker travels across the Atlantic to experience rural life in the USA. He meets the people working the land and immerses himself in rural traditions and got up close to the local wildlife. In Episode 2 Matt delves further into Florida’s rural life and the bewildering variety of fruit production, before heading to the jaw-dropping Caprock Canyons State Park in Texas

Score 238 / Boozy Bars, Greasy Grills
Authentic country rock instrumentals featuring twangy electric guitars, country fiddle, Southern bluesy swagger and Midwest ranch attitude.

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