‘Scared of the Dark’…

Great to see this recent placement thanks to the team at No Sheet Music with Channel 4’s scary reality show ‘Scared of the Dark’ for ‘Zero Hour’ by composer Pawel Morytko from his recent album ‘Night Stalker’.

Hosted by the indomitable Danny Dyer, Scared of the Dark sees eight famous faces – Paul Gascoigne, Scarlett Moffatt, Chris Eubank, Chris McCausland, Donna Preston, Chloe Burrows, Max George and Nicola Adams – not just giving up the limelight, but light altogether. In this world first, celebrities live, eat and sleep all in complete darkness. Can they endure the mounting psychological pressures of light deprivation, while also encountering their most primal fears in genuinely terrifying and faceless challenges?
If they fail, they lose their privileges, and life is made even harder. If they win, they get treats and time in the light. If at any time they feel too terrified and can’t continue, they can stop the challenge or leave the show by saying ‘I’M SCARED OF THE DARK’. For those strong enough to endure 180 hours in the dark, a peer-to-peer vote will determine the winner.
As the celebs endure the tasks, their every moment is watched over by clinical psychologist Dr T. He is on hand to explain the emerging relationships that form between the celebs and what is happening to them emotionally and physiologically; as individuals and collectively as a group. As time goes on, the celebs inevitably lower their guards, expect plenty of tears as they open up about their personal motivations for taking part in the show.

Score 240 / Night Stalker
A collection of understated yet effectively tense crime beds using an orchestral hybrid palette of strings, percussion, beats and synthetic flavours. Perfect for true crime, documentary and injecting some anxiety.

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