‘The Future of…’

Great to see this track ‘Empower’ from Score 212 Pulses by Paul Whitehead featured for the opening titles of the new Netflix Series’The Future of….’ thanks to another great placement from the team at APM Music.

What if we could look into the future and see how technology will change everything; from raising pets and houseplants, to how we dress, eat, date, and even how we die. Netflix has teamed up with The Verge and 21 Laps to make a show to explore these ideas.

In their new docuseries, The Future Of, they look at how innovative technologies will change our everyday lives hundreds of years from now. With the help of industry experts, this innovative docuseries examines new and emerging technological trends to imagine revolutionary possibilities.

Score 212 / Pulses
A selection of underscores featuring short, rhythmical pulses creating a sense of anticipation and urgency. For serious-minded drama, documentary and factual programming.

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